Bank Expert and Banking Expert Witness Service – broad banking experience across many areas

One of the most broadly experienced bankers in the UK provides help and assistance in banking and finance issues as a banking consultant and bank expert witness. I act for claimants and Europe’s top lawyers. 

Having spent nearly 30 years working for investment and wholesale banks, the consultancy service helps individuals, SMEs and businesses bring their banking complaints to banks and regulatory bodies (FCA, FOS, BBRS) and acts for solicitors and barristers by providing banking expert witness work, including expert reports, calculations of losses, and breaches of regulations: in short anything relating to banking.

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I help litigation funders determine merit of cases. I have 10 years experience of expert service matters. I provide our views on merit without initial charge. 

Since 2012 for almost 10 years I have provided help in over 100 cases. I am active in all areas of banking dispute resolution and banking litigation support, in the UK, Europe and globally. Take a look at the other pages to see the types of banking problems where we have provided help and assistance. 

Call for assistance. I have been helping the UK’s top lawyers since 2012 so I have a huge amount of experience in banking litigation. 

I provide financial litigation support to lawyers and financial companies (including banks) by way of expert evidence and reports, valuations and advice on all areas of banking and finance dispute matters, either within the UK or globally.

I represent claimants looking for redress and compensation (individuals, partnerships, SMEs and larger corporates) that are facing banking issues through non-litigious dispute resolution processes.

Common problems include loan terms (including fixed rate loans with large break costs and unfair pricing), guarantees and security held by the banks. Claimants have included farmers, care home owners, and medical practices.

I act both for claimants and defendants bringing clarity and structure to litigious and non-litigious processes. I provide banking Expert Witness services, as single or joint experts.

Banking litigation support includes discovery assistance, input on regulatory matters, gathering of witness statements, and providing understanding into complex instruments and arrangements.

I am a Member of the Academy of Experts and appear as a vetted entry within the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

I can provide access, where needed, to barristers and solicitors that have specialist knowledge of complex banking and financial issues and with whom I have partnered on previous cases.

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