Recent Court Cases and/or appearances

  • SF vs British Bank, Leeds, 2016 – 2019 derivatives mis-sale (settled before trial);

  • GG vs British Investment Fund Manager, 2017, structured investments (forensic valuation)

  • RP vs British Bank, London, 2017, derivatives mis-sale (settled before trial, joint expert report)

  • Wind Farm vs Irish Bank, Republic of Ireland 2019, corporate loan terms (currently heading for court)

  • SP vs Malaysian airline, 2018, hedging terms, KL (expert witness)

  • Italian food manufacturer vs American Bank, 2019, Washington, hedging terms (expert report)

  • Polish derivatives trading platform provider vs UK individual, 2018 London (expert report)

  • Australian binary options trading platform vs Australian individual, Canberra, 2018 (expert report)

  • German individual vs German investment fund, Berlin, 2019, structured bonds (ongoing)

  • Care home vs British Wholesale Bank, Availability of Refinancing 2018-2019
  • Care home vs British Wholesale Bank, Derivatives Report 2019

  • SME vs UK Bank on Loan Terms under Enterprise Finance Guarantees

  • RL vs UK Bank on fixed rate loan contract and terms

  • Czech Banking Regulator vs Czech Bank on fraudulent trading practices

  • British Bank versus UK corporation on breach of option margin terms

  • Access to foreign assets for UK Court given foreign exchange restrictions (expert opinion)

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